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Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Where Oh Where will our Little Wall Be?

It is true!  Campground shower houses are improving and some can be like a luxury spa!  But we like to boon-dock and stay in non-commercial campgrounds.  National, State, County, and City campgrounds are more limited in their facilities.  National Forests and shopping center (Wal-mart) parking lots offer no bathrooms.  So for me, I feel it is a need  to shower inside the trailer.  I feel more secure and warm stepping out of a warming shower into my own space.  So an slightly enlarged bath will take the space from a small closet.  We will keep the curbside closet for hanging clothes, and fold most clothing.

Scott and Colin are both working on the same question.
How wide is the street-side wall? 

For added space to shower, we are changing the bathroom original layout.
Our new layout is from the front of the trailer:
   Heater in front, enlarged bathroom in the middle, and the refrigerator toward the back.

Should the wall all line up in one plane, or step back?
First option - wall be all in one plane?

Upper photo with Colin's mock-up made with a really thin Lauan Plywood.
Below it is Scott's computer sketch of the same view. 

Below upper left photo with Colin's Lauan mock-up view is toward the front of the trailer
On the right is Scott's computer sketch of the same view, showing a bit more of the bedroom.
Again a flat wall.

Second option - step the wall back?
Scott's CAD Drawing     and Colin's mock-up

Step-back wall CAD drawing looking toward the back of the trailer.
I like the step-back version, with a tiny bit less storage, but a better line of site.  It feels less massive and lighter to me.


  1. Since the reefer sticks out, I like the recessed version so you're not running into the fridge handle all of the time.